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Cotton Castle

Turkey is a beautiful tourist destination that is characterized by many attractive areas that are distinguished by its charming beauty. The city attracts many visitors from all over the world, including Pamukkale, known as the Cotton Castle and the ancient ancient city of Herapolis, which are located in the Denizli region of Anatolia in Turkey, and it is one of the landmarks Natural and beautiful archeology that attracts many local residents and tourists alike, and today in this article we will get to know the natural area of Pamukkale and the ancient area of Hierapolis.

Reason for calling Pamukkale by this name:
In Turkish, this word means “cotton castle.” One of the most famous landmarks of this city is the presence of white mountains and green surroundings. Below we show you some of the most important tourist places in Pamukkale, where you can spend the most enjoyable times. These springs are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and are one of the wonders of the geological world. These springs appear as ribbons and white is the predominant color. These springs formed over ancient times and contained warm mineral materials.
The area of ​​these hot springs is about 19 km from the city of Yansli in Turkey. It is a large group of calcium-rich baths that helped form rock blocks, giving a special charm to the place. Some believe that this water is holy because it helps to heal some diseases. But far from this idea, just sitting here and enjoying the scenery is interesting for any traveler looking for calm, psychological comfort and relaxation.
All of these ingredients and activities are the main reason that annually attracts many tourists to enjoy hot water, including this trip trip to the hospital. There are also some traditional hotels in this area to provide services to visitors, and some prefer to stay overnight.

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Read the basic info and also some fun facts about Pamukkale! Here you will find everything you should know about the ‘’Pamukkale’’!



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Not Needed for EU Citizens.



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11,716 km2


Pamukkale's healing power has been known as Millennia, and indeed travertines have been a source of wellness for more than 2000 years. People with allergies or infections provide near-breakthrough results after bathing in limestone deposits, as calcium water seeps into your pores. A visit in the summer is especially useful, as sweating opens pores and allows minerals to leak out. When you jump from the pool to the pool and from spring to spring, you will feel pressure and pain away from your body, just as people felt since the original city of Hierapolis was built for this purpose only.

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