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Turkey Magic Tour


The land of resorts

It is the administrative capital of a number of tourist resorts, and the region contains high plains and slopes sloping from the soil, which has increased tourist interest in the past few years. A major program has been made to enhance the architectural heritage of the city, but it still maintains its ancient cultural heritage, its popular markets, villages Elegant countryside.

Mugla attracts many tourists from all over the world; Because there are many beautiful places and attractions in it, and examples include Marmaris, Fethiye, Milas, Ortaga, Datja, Dalaman,One of the most popular activities for residents and tourists is scuba diving. Due to the city’s location on the most important seas of Turkey, the Aegean Sea, history lovers also enjoy visiting the historical monuments in the city, such as the museum that bears the name of the city, and the Natural History Museum, which includes a number of natural fossils found in a village belonging to the city of Mugla, where the age of some These fossils are about nine million years old, and the city’s Bodrum Museum also contains ancient relics that were discovered underwater, such as coins, jewelry, and historical ships.

Good to Know

Read the basic info and also some fun facts about Mugla! Here you will find everything you should know about the ‘’Mugla’’!



Visa Requirements

Not Needed for EU Citizens.



Languages spoken


Currency Used


Area (km2)

13,338 km2


Tourists are keen to tour the city's markets before they leave; In order to buy the finest types of textiles and luxurious fabrics, handcrafted craftsmanship products characterized by perfection and exquisiteness, and other products that admire the visitors of the city, the Turkish city of Mugla is famous for many delicious popular foods that are widely prepared in the houses of the city, its restaurants along its beaches, and the most famous fish Puri, tarkana soup, grilled meat and kebabs. As for the best known jewelry in this city, it is Citrmik jewelry.

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