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Historical tour


The ancient stone city

The Turkish city of Mardin is one of the most exciting tourist cities in Turkey, which attracts many tourists in it every year, and it has many famous tourist areas that feature beautiful and attractive decorations

In the distant past this city was a Syriac city and its name is Mardin. It is a Syriac word (ܡܶܪܕܺܝܢ) meaning fortress, but today Syrians have become a minority in it in addition to its Arab and Turkish residents. The majority of its citizens are Kurds.

Syriac families in the city, although they are constantly decreasing, but they have not ceased to provide support and care for the oldest monasteries in the world and are located in that region, namely the Dayro d-Mor Hananyo Monastery and the Dayro d-Mor Gabriel Monastery, Christians are concentrated in those The state in the Tor Abdin plateau and the city of Midyat with fewer numbers in the provincial capital, Mardin.

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Read the basic info and also some fun facts about Mardin! Here you will find everything you should know about the ‘’Mardin’’!



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Not Needed for EU Citizens.



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Area (km2)

8٬891 km2


It has many famous tourist areas that are characterized by beautiful and attractive decorations, as well as its winding streets and ancient stone houses, and the most prominent tourist places in the Turkish city of Mardin are the following: Ulu Kami Mosque: which is characterized by its high minaret that overlooks the entire city and can be seen from anywhere in The city is built in the eleventh century. The bazaar: located next to the mosque, which is the vital market for the city, and anything can be bought from it, it contains many goods and souvenirs that can be bought, and you can see donkeys that people ride because of the rough roads in the city and its many meanings. Sakip Sabanci Mardin Museum: It contains the entire history of the Turkish city of Mardin, and it contains many art galleries and translations of these performances. Church of the Forty Holy Martyrs: They are the martyrs of Cappadocia, and the church is distinguished by its beautiful reliefs at the entrance and in the inner courtyard.

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