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The portal of the Ottoman Empire

Turkey's most beautiful city and Trojan city

The city of Troy or Troy, which was also known as Troia in Greek history, is an ancient historical city located in northwestern Turkey, specifically in the province of Janakkala, 30 km away from it, and the history of this city dates back to three thousand years BC. Discovered by German businessman Heinrich Schellmann in 1870 AD, this city is one of the most important archaeological sites; Since it was mentioned in the epic Iliad, written by the Greek historian Homer 2700 years ago, and included by UNESCO on the World Heritage List, we will present in this article some information related to this city. The city of Troy was founded in the Bronze Age, and its first phase extended from (3200-2600 BC), and at the beginning of its founding it was a strong fort in which a leader lived with his family and his servants, in addition to a few large houses surrounded by strong walls, and this city was destroyed by a fire It broke out.

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The Trojan horse is one of the most important monuments found in the city, and it is one of the largest wooden horses in history, with a weight of about three tons, and a length of about 108 meters, and the story of the horse was mentioned in many Greek myths, as the Greeks managed to block Trojan for a period Ten years in a war erupted between them and the people of Troy, due to the kidnapping of Princess Helen, the wife of the King of Sparta, and the Greeks despaired of the possibility of taking over the city. The truth is full of fighters, and when they put the horse at the door of the city of Troy, the people of Troy moved it into the city, and when darkness came, the soldiers came out of the horse, and they opened the door of the city to the Greek soldiers who were waiting outside, so they returned to the city and burned it, and they killed many Trojans, and that was that The end of the Trojan wars.

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